The Makers

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The Makers is an inspiring collection of over twenty-five chapters that explore the impact that art and creativity have on the cultural wellbeing of society. Through thought-provoking conversations with artists from all walks of life, The Makers speaks to the importance of art and its impact on our own personal wellbeing. The Makers is a celebration of art and a reminder of the small things that bring us joy and make life meaningful. It encourages us to take note and to notice the beauty of art and creativity in our lives. With conversations from conscious entrepreneurs, the book serves to awaken the creative in all of us and to remind us of the importance of holistic wellbeing in our everyday lives. The Makers is the perfect companion to Wild Kinship: Conversations With Conscious Entrepreneurs. It is a must-have for anyone looking to explore the importance of art and its impact on society. Through the words of artists such as Joanna Gibbs, James Muir, Poppy Kural, Jade Townsend, Rhianna May McCormick-Burns, and Abbylee Bo, The Makers will lead you on a journey to discover the importance of art and creativity in our lives.