What Colour Is The Sky?

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What Colour Is The Sky?, a beautiful picture book for young children by Laura Shallcrass. This unique story follows the adventures of Hare and Pīhoihoi as they explore the wonders of nature and discover the importance of listening and respecting other opinions, even when we see things differently. As the sun rises over the meadow, Pīhoihoi wonders aloud, ‘What colour is the sky?’ Hare thinks it is blue, but when they talk to Hedgehog, Snail, Mouse, Frog and Ruru, the other creatures each say the sky is a different colour. Why do they see things differently? Discover the answer in this 38-page hardcover book, complete with stunning illustrations and a heartwarming message. What Colour Is The Sky? is an essential addition to any child's library, teaching them the importance of understanding and respecting other perspectives.