04 Special - Diffuser - 200ml

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04 Home Fragrance Diffuser : smoked black tea, mugwort, birch TB A spellbinding fragrance! First you are struck by the subtle, very smoky scent of Lapsang Souchong black tea. Before the aromatic and botanical facet of mugwort lends a surprising, unexpected freshness. Last but not least, notes of birch wood add depth and distinctive warm, sweet and leathery undertones. PS: Birch wood is difficult to use as it is so potent. One drop too many is enough to ruin a creation. But in just the right amount, it does wonders for leathery notes. Allow the fragrance to diffuse for 24 to 36 hours. Turn the sticks on a regular basis to improve the diffusion. The number of sticks you use is entirely up to you. The stronger and faster the diffusion, the more sticks you use. Don't throw it away when you're done! The candles' and diffuser's glass are both recyclable. This is a fantastic way to give these products a second life.