Moisture protein infusion 50ml


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Introducing Moisture Protein Infusion 50ml – the revolutionary hair treatment for dry, coloured, damaged, keratin-treated, frizz-prone and easily breaking hair. Originally developed for professional use only, this new-generation serum works to repair the internal structure of your hair fibre and strengthen it from the inside out. The unique blend of small molecular proteins, vitamin B, Keratrix™ and Aquaxyl™ deliver superior repair, strengthening and protection – instantly restoring your hair's natural balance of protein, lipids and moisture. Experience the results yourself – with Moisture Protein Infusion 50ml, you can say goodbye to dull and damaged hair, and hello to healthy, smooth and shiny locks. Made in New Zealand with no unnecessary or harmful ingredients, Moisture Protein Infusion 50ml gives you the power to transform your hair with a contemporary, professional-grade formula.