PH Shine Corrector 50ml


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Introducing the PH Shine Corrector 50ml, the ultimate health tonic for your hair. This 2:1 treatment is formulated with fermented apple enzymes and Vitamin B5 to restore hair to a virgin state and deliver intense shine. Their synergistic blend of ingredients works to break down dulling mineral and product build-up while sealing the hair cuticle, locking in essential nutrients to keep hair reflectively smooth and resilient. Restoring natural hair acidity also protects the scalp and hair from bacterial and fungal growth. The PH Shine Corrector 50ml is highly recommended for dull, matte hair, coloured hair, damaged hair, frizz-prone hair, hair exposed to hard water, hair that feels crispy & brittle, and hair that still feels dirty post-cleansing. Made in New Zealand without unnecessary or harmful ingredients, the PH Shine Corrector 50ml is the perfect solution to restore your hair to its natural shine.