Super Bucket 4Ltr Black


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Super Bucket 4Ltr Black is more than just a bucket - it's a modern wonder vessel with a multitude of uses and great visual appeal. Crafted in Japan with high-grade polypropylene, this bucket is made to last with its Long Life Design Award and 150kg weight endurance when standing/sitting on the lid. Its colourfast design won't fade in direct sunlight or become brittle after exposure to the elements, while its temperature tolerance of -20 degrees to 120 degrees Celsius makes it suitable for any climate. Whether you're looking for a kitchen compost, pet food, laundry powder, or potato storage container, or even an occasional coffee table, Super Bucket 4Ltr Black is the perfect solution. With a 4-liter capacity and dimensions of 210 x 224 x H175mm, it's the perfect size for any purpose. Pick up a Super Bucket 4Ltr Black today, and enjoy its sustainable and hard-wearing design for years to come.