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three baas® is a baarilliantly simple, oddly addictive kiwi game where players race each other to land three sheep on their feet first. It's super fun, fast paced, slightly chaotic, totally inclusive and easy as to play.  Land your three sheep on their feet first, and you win a dog. Collect the most dogs during the game and you become the three baas® champ. But be careful, you can lose your dogs along the way. And, if you throw the ultimate three baas® (land three sheep on their feet in any one throw) you win the entire game. This box contains a flock of sheep (24), a pack of dogs (12), rules and instructions, cardboard outer protection sleeve, a travel pouch, and Baabara -the three baas® trophy for the champ. Suitable for 2-8 players of ages 8 and over.